Let us see how you can set up Relaso for your company.

  • First go to Account Settings by clicking at the top right corner, and now let us look into how to upload Logo. You can upload the logo for your company from here (Screenshot 1) and it will be visible to all the users at the top nav bar.

Screenshot 1

  • You can also select the theme of your account from many available themes over here (Screenshot 2).

Screenshot 2

  • Next, we go to Account Settings by clicking at the top right corner. Over there, save your own preference for the notifications from relaso on different events as shown in the page (Screenshot 3).

Screenshot 3

  • Now, let us look into Personal Settings -> Email tab.  You will find Outgoing Server Settings over here under Account Setup (screenshot 4). You have to configure this so that you can send mail directly from Relaso instead of logging in to your email client and server. You can fill in all the details here. Refer to the documentation for setting up the outgoing email server.

Screenshot 4

  • Under Personal Settings -> Email tab, Relaso provides you two unique drop boxes, ie. Manual Drop Box and automatic Drop box (Screenshot 5). Let us look into Manual drop Box. This is a unique field given to every user and admin. You can forward mail from your client to this mail box and that particular mail will be attached as a Note with the particular’s client’s page. You can also mention the Communicator Command as the subject of the mail and send it to the drop box.

  • In order to make the work easier, you can use the Automatic drop box where you can auto forward all of your incoming mail and appropriately get attached as a Note in Relaso. Under Allowed Sender, you need to mention the email addresses from which these drop boxes can expect mails.

Screenshot 5

  • Next is the Social Connect under Personal Settings -> Social Tab.  Relaso integrates your Social media account with Relaso Account. Using Relaso you can directly manage your blog site, that is acessing and creating a blog. Refer to the blog posting documentation for further details.

Screenshot 6