2300.0/qtr 8640.0/yr

$6.99/mo $18.99/qtr $79.99/yr

per user
  • 5 GB File Storage
  • 5 GB of Database storage
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Business Rules
  • Task & Event


3500.0/qtr 12960.0/yr

$9.99/mo $27.99/qtr $114.99/yr

per user
  • All features of Standard Plan
  • 10 GB File Storage
  • 10 GB of Database storage
  • Extended Business Rules & Workflow
  • Brand Monitoring


5900.0/qtr 21600.0/yr

$14.99/mo $42.99/qtr $174.99/yr

per user
  • All features of Premier Plan
  • 20 GB File Storage
  • 20 GB of Database storage
  • API Access
  • Custom Form Builder

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Standard Premier Enterprise
Account / Service / Customer login
Email Notification
Customized Report Generation
Communicator Dashboard
Workflow management in Business Rule
Opportunities Management
Sales Pipeline
Manual and Automatic Email Dropbox
Managing Task & Event
Email notification for Campaigns
Subscribe Note by Email
Note, Task, Event association with Business Objects
Notification on Comments
Subscribe Task & Event by Email
Case Management
Account / Client / Business Management
Notify Opportunity by Email
Subscribe Todo by Email
Lead acquisition by Web Form
Excecute Communicator Command by Email
Business Rule
Lead management
Send Invitation for Task or Event
Bulk Import Data
Subscribe Document by Email
Campaign Management
Contact Management
Todo List Management
File Storage 5 GB 10 GB 20 GB
Databse Storage 5 GB 10 GB 20 GB
Notify Case / Support by SMS
Ronin Task Available
Subscribe Note by SMS
Notify Opportunity by SMS
Accept Support Ticket by Email
Public Sharing Available
Subscribe Todo by SMS
Read Only Sharing
Notify Case / Support / DTS by Email
Reporting for Custom Fields
Subscribe Task & Event by SMS
Manage Blog
Capture Support Tickets through Web Form
Subscribe Document by SMS
Add Custom Fields
Notify Campaign by SMS
Brand Monitoring
Document management
Customer Support
System defined Task Reminder
API Access
Hidden Users - invisible to other users
Accept Support Ticket by SMS

Send a mail