How to add a new Deal

From Menu option

  1. Login to your relaso account (See how to?).
  2. Look for Deal from the main menu which is availaible on the left side of the page. If not found click on the + icon on the top left and look for it. The Deal dashboard appears. Click on New Deal button.

  3. Fill the necesary details of the account. Name is mandatory field. You may associate Contact and Account(Business) with the Deal. Also it is recommended to check the pipeline and stages with probability before saving a deal.

  4. Click on Save or Save & New.

From Communicator or Quick Note/ Instructions

To add an Account / Client / Business from Communicator or Quick Note/ Instructions, you can write using following command.

  1. @add deal
  2. @deal

For example: "@add deal CRM sales of K.M Enterprise" This command will create a Deal CRM sales and add an Account / Client / Business, ie K.M.Enterprise in association the Deal.

From other sections.

Deals can be created in Relaso from multiple sections such as Add Contact or Add Client screen. Manage page of Contact and Client also enable you to create a new Deal. For example, you click on a particular contact from the contact dashboard and select Advanced button. You can find New Deal option on the right hand side bottom.

How to edit an existing Deal

  1. You can edit a Deal either from Deal Dashboard or Manage Opportunity Page.
  2. Select the deal you want to edit from the bottom of the Deal Dashboard after applying necessary filters.
  3. There are three traffic signals look-alike button just below each Deal on the Dashboard. Red, Yellow and Green indicate Lost, In progress or Won status respectively for the Deal. You may change the status of the Deal from here.
  4. The Advanced button on Manage Opportunity (Clicking on any Deal) page provides you the ability to add Note, Task, events and To-do. You can also edit a Deal from here by selecting the pencil button from the right hand side top. The right hand side bottom of the same page provides you the ability to add Contact or Business with the Deal.
  5. Additionally, You can View Details of any Deal from the Managed page(right hand side top).

How to view and analyse Deal Infographics from the Dashboard

  1. On the Deal Dashboard, you can see the graphical presentation of Deals by pipeline status, Actual vs. Projected Revenue and Actual Vs Projected Proft by applying time period and other filters.The graphs will give you meaningful insight to make future decision.
  2. You can also select a time period between two dates, in which the graphical data of all deals will be displayed for that period.