Business Rule

  1. Login to your relaso account (See how to?).
  2. Look for Businesses Rule from the main menu which is availaible on the left side of the page. If not found click on the + icon on the top left and look for it. The Business Rule dashboard appears.

  3. There you’ll find a form to add new business rule if not then click on New Business Rule and the form will appear.

Fill the form displayed as below

  1. Title - To give a title to your new business rule.
  2. Description of the business rule - This section can be found immediately after the title field where the description can be give.
  3. Condition - This section checks the conditions under which business rule apply.Below are the dropdowns to select to apply any condition:

    Search - It provides the ability to associate the business rule with a Business object with some additional condition.

    For - Selection criterion at user level.

    Where - The option is set for either Any of the following conditions or all of them.

    Any or all - This is a two option selection which indicates that business rule can apply to a user is any or all the conditions are met.

    Below the above selection few drop down fields are present to add on what occasion the business rule will be triggered and on what time and also other necessary condition.

  4. What to do - How the Rule is going to behave.
  5. Date - Exact Date and time when Business rule is going to be fired.
  6. Assign - Select this option to assign the Business Rule to an User.
  7. Repeat - This dropdown suggests the frequency of this business rule to be triggered. For example:

    1. Every day
    2. Every week
    3. Every month
    4. Every year
    5. Cutom as the name suggest, it specifies the custom repeatation of the rule.

    Now a option will be visible on the bottom as "More" / "less" clicking which will result in the visibility of the below fields.

  8. Priority - Set the priority of the business rule to be set.
  9. Share with - Use the dropdown for sharing the Business Rule among…
    1. Everyone
    2. None(Private)
    3. Select a group …
    4. Select people

    NOTE: If you are selecting none(private) option then the business rule will still be visible to all your parent user.

    If you select a group, corresponding people will show up in another Dropdown option.

  10. Tags - This field is used to add tags for a business rule.

  11. After filling up all the required details click on Save or Save New.

How to view an existing Business Rule

  1. On the right ide of the screen you’ll find a section titled as search business rule.
  2. Click in the name of any Business Rule to view or edit it.

  3. If you edited the business rule then finally click on Save or Save New to save the changes you made.