1. When you are sending an email to an important customer and you may wish to save the important communication or project in Relaso. To do that just cc or bcc the mail to Relaso manual dropbox . Relaso will attach the email or note against the customer if he is already in Relaso otherwise a new lead is created in the name of the customer and the email is filed against him.

  2. You can forward a mail to your Relaso dropbox account. Just forward the mail and type your Relaso Dropbox number in your address box. In the example below, an email from Soumyadeep Das was forwarded to Relaso Dropbox. Relaso determined that the mail was from Soumyadeep Das and attached it as a note against him . A new contact / lead in the name of Soumyadeep Das will be created if the contact name does not exist.