Relaso CRM for Legal Service

Relaso can benefit your legal service business with personalized content in a number of ways:

Client Relationship Management:

With Relaso, you can create detailed profiles for each client, including contact information, case history, communication preferences, and specific legal needs. Personalized Communication: Use client data to send targeted emails, messages, and updates that address their unique legal concerns, keeping them informed and engaged.

Case and Matter Management:

Relaso enables you to track the progress of legal cases, assign tasks to team members, and ensure important deadlines are met, providing a personalized approach to each case. Share case updates, documents, and notes within the Relaso, fostering seamless communication and collaboration among your legal team.

Communication and Follow-up:

Utilize the CRM’s communication log to access past interactions, making it easy to refer to previous discussions and provide context-sensitive responses. You can set up Task& Event for automated reminders for follow-ups, meetings, and court appearances, ensuring that you stay connected and engaged with clients throughout their legal journey.

Document and Contract Management:

By storing legal documents, contracts, and important records within the Relaso Document management system, ensuring secure access and easy sharing when needed. Creates personalized legal document templates that can be populated with client-specific details, streamlining your document creation process.

Scalability and Growth:

Relaso grows with your business so it can accommodate increased workload, client volume, and diverse practice areas, allowing you to maintain personalized service quality. Automation features like Business Rule, and Workflow reduces administrative tasks, enabling your legal team to focus on delivering personalized legal solutions to clients skipping most of the manual administrative work.

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