Relaso the CRM built for Car Dealerships

Struggling to chase ETBR targets (Enquiry, Test Drive, Booking, Retail) across dealerships?

Missed leads could be lost sales - are you confident you’re following up effectively?

Still relying on outdated Excel sheets to manage data and calls?

Introducing Relaso CRM, your hero for streamlined dealership management. Boost your efficiency, maximize lead conversion, and close more deals, all while Relaso works its magic in the background.

Say goodbye to scattered customer data and hello to seamless service!

Your automotive business gets:

  • One central hub for all customer info: No more jumping between systems. Sales and service have everything they need in one easy-to-access database.
  • 360-degree customer view: Understand your customers like never before. See their purchase history, past interactions, and preferences at a glance.
  • Personalized service made easy: Deliver experiences that wow. Offer relevant recommendations, address specific needs, and build stronger relationships.

The result?

  • Happy customers: Personalized service goes a long way. Build loyalty and keep customers coming back.
  • Boosted sales: Targeted recommendations close more deals.
  • Smoother operations: Efficient access to data means faster service and happier employees.

Boost your customer service and efficiency with Relaso:


  • Your staff knowing your customers inside-out: Relaso puts a complete customer history, past purchases, and preferences at their fingertips. Personalized service has never been easier!
  • Automated communication workflows: Set up “if-this-then-that” rules to follow up with leads, send birthday greetings, or trigger any other interaction you need. Save time and personalize outreach effortlessly.
  • More time for your team: Let technology handle routine tasks so your employees can focus on the human touch - building relationships and closing deals.

Relaso helps car dealerships:

  • Deliver personalized customer experiences: Know your customers better, anticipate their needs, and exceed their expectations.
  • Increase efficiency with automation: Automating tasks frees up time for your team to focus on high-value activities.
  • Boost sales and service with better interactions: Personalized outreach improves engagement and conversion rates.

Stop losing leads! Convert more prospects with Relaso’s powerful Sales Pipeline.:

Relaso helps you:

  • Capture every lead: Web forms powered by Relaso’s Campaign feature automatically capture potential customer details and interactions.
  • Nurture leads effectively: Move prospects through the sales funnel with personalized communication and targeted offers.
  • Track progress easily: Visualize your pipeline and see where each lead stands in the buying journey.
  • Follow up at the perfect time: Automate outreach based on specific triggers, ensuring you never miss a hot lead.
  • Boost conversion rates: Nurtured leads are more likely to buy, maximizing your sales results.

Key benefits:

  • Never miss a lead: Capture every potential customer with user-friendly web forms.
  • Close more deals: Nurture leads and follow up strategically to convert more prospects.
  • Work smarter, not harder: Automate tasks and focus on closing deals.
  • Gain valuable insights: Track progress and understand what works best for your sales team.

Never forget a follow-up again!:

With Relaso, your business can:

  • Automatically connect with customers: Set up personalized emails, texts, or calls after purchases or service appointments.
  • Boost customer loyalty: Show you care with timely communication and build stronger relationships.
  • Turn one-time buyers into repeat customers: Encourage repeat business with relevant offers and reminders.
  • Increase customer retention rates: Stay top-of-mind and reduce churn with personalized follow-ups.

Relaso helps you:

  • Save time: Automate manual follow-ups and free up your team for other tasks.
  • Reach the right audience: Target follow-ups based on specific criteria for maximum impact.
  • Personalize the experience: Send relevant messages that resonate with each customer.
  • Measure success: Track results and optimize your follow-up strategy for even better outcomes.

Revving Up Engagement:

How Automotive Businesses Can Leverage CRM Data for Powerful Marketing?

Imagine having a finely tuned engine under your marketing hood. That’s the power of using CRM data effectively in the automotive industry. By segmenting your customer base through this rich data source, you unlock the ability to craft targeted campaigns that resonate deeply with different groups.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Unleash the Power of Segmentation:

    Your CRM holds a treasure trove of insights into your customers. Leverage it to segment them based on demographics, purchase history, preferences, and behaviors. Think: high-performance enthusiasts, eco-conscious drivers, or families seeking safety features.

  2. Craft Compelling Web Forms:

    Design custom web forms that capture relevant information from potential leads. This data seamlessly flows into your lead dashboard, giving you a clear picture of their interests and needs.

  3. Speak Their Language:

    With each segment’s unique characteristics in mind, you can personalize your marketing messages and promotions. Offer performance upgrades to the enthusiasts, highlight fuel efficiency for the eco-conscious, and emphasize safety features for families.

  4. Supercharge Your Marketing:

    This targeted approach leads to increased engagement and conversions. Imagine sending emails packed with relevant offers, showcasing the perfect car in targeted online ads, or hosting events tailored to specific interests.

The Result?

  • A marketing engine that purrs – one that drives higher sales, stronger customer relationships, and a thriving automotive business.
  • Bonus Tip: Integrate your CRM with marketing automation tools to streamline the process and measure campaign performance effectively.
  • Remember, the key is to leverage data thoughtfully and ethically, respecting customer privacy while creating win-win experiences.

Forget fumbling in the dark :

Relaso equips you with the insights you need to make informed decisions that drive growth.

  • Predefined Reports: Dive into the world of data right away with ready-made reports tracking key metrics like sales performance, customer engagement, and pipeline health. No need to be a data expert – Relaso makes insights accessible.
  • Customizable Dashboards: See what matters most at a glance. Build personalized dashboards that showcase the metrics most relevant to your business goals. Track progress, identify trends, and stay ahead of the curve.
  • Deeper Insights: Go beyond the basics. Relaso lets you generate custom reports tailored to your specific needs. Analyze customer behavior, track team performance, and uncover hidden gems of opportunity.
  • Informed Decisions: Data alone isn’t enough. Relaso helps you transform insights into action. Use your findings to optimize processes, strengthen customer relationships, and drive business growth.

Relaso isn’t just about storing data, it’s about unlocking its potential.

Bonus Tip: Leverage Relaso’s reporting features to share insights with your team. Foster data-driven decision-making across all levels of your organization.

Remember, data is power. With Relaso as your guide, you can harness that power to illuminate your path to success.

Tired of juggling service appointments at your 3S outlets?

Relaso takes the chaos out of scheduling and management.

  • See available slots instantly: Say goodbye to manual checks and double bookings.
  • Book appointments in seconds: Get customers in and out faster.
  • Optimize resource allocation: Ensure the right technician is available for each job.
  • Send automated reminders: Reduce no-shows and improve customer satisfaction.

The result?

Fewer errors, happier customers, and more efficient service operations.

Here’s what Relaso offers:

  • Real-time availability: See live updates on technician schedules and available bays.
  • Automated reminders: Send SMS or email confirmations to keep customers informed.
  • Improved communication: Share notes and updates with technicians throughout the service process.
  • Detailed reporting: Track trends and identify areas for improvement.

Stop struggling with manual scheduling and switch to Relaso today!

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