Track your sales in real time

Unified Communication

Unified multi-channel communication across multiple sales channels - Email, SMS, Phone Call.


Unified seamless multi-channel communication with leads, contacts and within organization, live status, activity updates and more.

Lead Management

Manage Multi-Channel Communication, Check-ins, Estimates, Deals - all in one place.

Sales Pipeline

Manage Sales Pipeline in real-time, watch out for blocker issues and rectify them.

Sales Forecasting

Forecast revenue based on previous performance of Sales Pipeline.


Fast and accurate micro-segmentation of leads with multi-tag based filtering coupled with search for highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Bulk Actions

Rapidly reach out to leads and clients in bulk by Email & SMS for Drip Marketing Campaigns, Seasonal greetings & more.

Bulk Import Contact / Lead

Import your existing leads & contacts in bulk from Excel, CSV, other CRM, GMail.

Task & Meeting Management

Manage Tasks & Meetings, measure time spent vis-a-vis revenue.


Unlimited notes against leads & deals for tracking progress and future reference.

Real-Time Reports

More than 65 critical Real time reports like Sales Pipeline Reports, Time Spent Report vis-a-vis Revenue etc.

Real time sync with the cloud

Monitor their communication with clients in real time and guide them in winning the deals.