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Unified Communication

All the communication via various channels, notes, SMS and Emails between your company and the customer are stored in one place.

Email Integration

Seamless Integration with Corporate Email, GMail etc. so all to and from communication with contact or lead are captured, new leads can be added very easily.

Capture Web Leads

Web leads from landing page can be automatically captured in marketing campaigns to track and pursue them as opportunities in the CRM.

Sales Funnel Management

Your sales team can manage their sales funnel from the app while on the go. Get 10x growth in your bussiness today. Explore our product.

The CRM that grows with you:

Relaso Customer Relationship Management Software is highly secure, easy-to-use, highly customizable, cloud-based Software-as-a-Service that enables companies to acquire new customers, retain existing customers and cross-sell new products and services to existing customers.


The CRM that puts your customer first:


With features like real time reports, unified communication, email integration, sale funnel management etc. Relaso helps you manage your customers better. Starting from marketing campaign, through lead generation all the way upto customer acquisition, Relaso will help you every step of the process.

The CRM that's built for the future:

With an easy to use dashboard and features like real time reports, sale forecasting, multi tagging, universal search etc., Relaso is a CRM that's future proof and will keep improving as per the industry needs.


Powered by Advanced Analytics:


In the modern business landscape, Relaso CRM systems have evolved beyond its traditional role of managing contacts and interactions. Relaso's advanced analytics and cutting-edge research has revolutionized CRM, transforming it into a powerful tool that enhances customer relationships, drives data-informed decisions, and ultimately boosts business growth. Relaso CRM leverages advanced analytics to analyze vast amounts of customer data, enabling businesses to gain deep insights into customer behavior, preferences, and trends. By integrating advanced research findings, this CRM goes beyond simple transactional data to uncover hidden patterns and correlations that provide valuable context for understanding customer motivations.

Empowering Sales Excellence:

In the fast-paced world of sales, maximizing efficiency, collaboration, and customer satisfaction is paramount. Relaso is a Sales Team-Focused Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that emerges as a pivotal solution, catering specifically to the dynamic needs of sales teams. With a range of tailored features and tools such as Automatic and Manual Dropbox, Task and Event, Communicator etc., this CRM revolutionizes the way sales teams engage with customers, collaborate internally, and drive revenue growth. Relaso CRM acknowledges the multifaceted nature of sales operations and provides an environment where collaboration, data-driven insights, and targeted outreach converge seamlessly.


Empowering Flexibility with Customization:


In the world of modern business, one size rarely fits all. As organizations strive to meet diverse customer demands and adapt to evolving market dynamics, the concept of a Relaso's Highly Customizable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system has emerged as a transformative force. This innovative approach empowers businesses to tailor their CRM environment to match their unique processes, strategies, and customer engagement models. Relaso's Highly Customizable CRM goes beyond the limitations of standardized solutions. It recognizes that each business has distinct workflows, data requirements, and customer interactions. By offering a flexible framework, this CRM ushers in a new era where businesses can mold their CRM to precisely align with their specific needs.

Areas We Serve:

Real Estate

Relaso SaaS CRM is a cloud-based solution designed to assist real estate agents and brokers in tracking client interactions, managing property listings, and monitoring deal progress.

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Financial Services

Relaso CRM allows financial professionals to store and manage all client-related information in a centralized location.

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Healthcare Organizations

Relaso CRM allows healthcare professionals to store and manage all client-related information in a centralized location.

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Professional Services

Relaso CRM can provide significant benefits to professional services businesses in managing client engagements, project management, and invoicing.

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Technology and IT Services

Relaso CRM offers several advantages to technology and IT services companies.

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Education Business

Relaso CRM offers several benefits to education businesses, particularly in areas such as student enrollment, communication, and progress tracking.

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Automotive Business

Relaso CRM can play a crucial role in your automotive business by helping you manage customer data, service appointments, and sales leads more effectively.

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Consulting Firms

Relaso can offer significant benefits to consulting firms in managing client engagements, progress tracking, and knowledge management.

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Insurance Companies

Relaso can provide substantial benefits to insurance businesses in managing customer policy management, claims processing, and interactions.

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Legal Services

Relaso can benefit your legal service business with personalized content in a number of ways.

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Non-Profit Organizations

Relaso CRM software can be a valuable tool for nonprofit organizations in a variety of ways, including donor management, fundraising campaigns, and volunteer coordination.

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Food and Beverages

Relaso CRM provides useful features for food and beverage businesses in a variety of ways, including managing customer preferences, reservations, and loyalty programs.

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Fitness and Wellness

Relaso CRM can play a crucial role in your fitness and wellness business by helping you manage customer data, service appointments, and sales leads more effectively.

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