Easy-to-use Mobile Business Management with Integrated CRM and Accounting

  • Increase Conversion & Retention with Live CRM intelligence
  • Provide personalized customer service faster
  • Access unified communication and Accounting
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Increase conversion with faster & consistent communication

  • Know prior communication, upcoming meeting, revenue generated, outstanding payment, even before receiving call
  • Dazzle them by sending them an estimate or generate an invoice even while on call
  • Schedule & Share Meeting with other users like Microsoft Outlook™
  • Sell your product & services on the spot and instantly email them sales receipt or just print it on your mobile / cloud printer
  • Multi-tag notes for rapid classification, marketing campaigns, search and tag-wise reports

Provide personalized customer service faster

  • Even before receiving call, from call screen know total revenue your client generated, total outstanding, scheduled task, meeting and latest note
  • Instantly find detailed communication and financial transaction history to better serve your clients needs
  • Send a pre-canned response from a previous note by email / sms, schedule a meeting if required, all while on call
  • Never again miss responding to a call, SMS or Email on time with intelligent tracking of unresponded communications

Manage Accounting & Improve Outstanding Payment Recovery

  • Create and track Estimates, Invoices, Payments, Cash Sales & Expenses from your Mobile
  • Use Payment Outstanding Report to intelligently follow-up on a regular basis. Follow-up Outstanding payment even on support call with updated info on call screen.
  • Keep on top of financial health of your business with Revenue & Expense Reports and 54 more real-time business reports on mobile. Optimize your lead targeting & efficiency with time spent report.

Collaborate with your assistant in real time

Relaso One provides unique 1+1 collaboration. A subscription for your mobile allows you and your trusted assistant / secretary to access your data in real time from the web.

  • Your assistant can see your tasks and meetings, can also schedule new tasks and meetings for you which is updated on your mobile and you are duly notified.
  • Sitting maybe hundreds of miles away, (s)he is immediately aware of your missed or unresponded calls via the cloud and follow it up without any delay.
  • View your tasks, call notes and tags and accordingly send brochures and fulfill the orders you generated.
  • Using the web application, (s)he can very easily conduct targeted SMS or Email marketing campaign to micro-segments filtered in real time with multiple tag selection.
100% offline operation
Live sync with cloud
56 live reports on mobile
Unified communication history
Export reports in excel/pdf format
Bulk import leads/contacts
Multi Tag filtering

Your data is secure with us

Secure Linux Servers, Automated Backups, Industry Standard SSL/TLS Technology ...
The whole nine yards